11 Mar, 2024

Overview to the general displacement context of the region in 2023, to better understand the region where we work and the programmes we offer.

09 Oct, 2023

“I Will Tell You My Story” a boy of testimonies of girls in Eastern Africa Region, done with the support of Entreculturas and Luz de las NiƱas. Take a look to find out more about the reality of girls in the region and what can you do to support their cause!

22 Aug, 2023

Access here JRS Kenya Annual Report

22 Aug, 2023


21 Aug, 2023

In here you will find JRS Eastern Africa 2023 Brochure, with main data about the context in the region and the kind of programmes JRS offers in our countries of operation.

23 Jun, 2023

Access in here JRS Eastern Africa 2022 Annual Report! You will find JRS Eastern Africa main programmatic achievements, a note from the Regional Director, a financial report and some testimonies to evaluate the real impact of our work!

19 Apr, 2023

Find in here the book of stories of refugee women developed for 2022 International Women’s Day, “JRS, Walking With Refugee Women”

02 Feb, 2023

Here you will find the Ecumenical Network for South Sudan’s statement, SSCC Advocacy Asks and Women Clergy Statement in preparation for the visit of His Holiness on the 3rd to the 5th February 2023.

01 Jan, 2023

Here you’ll find JRS South Sudan 2021 Newsletter! Learn more about some achievements and stories of South Sudan and JRS’ projects in the country.