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27 Jul, 2021

Power and Gender, an essay of a young South Sudanese JRS Student about the role of power and the use of gender.

23 Jul, 2021

The Wife of a former Child Soldier in South Sudan (South Sudan’s lost boys) writes a letter to other women like her, to encourage education among women and highlight its importance.

Women in South Sudan
21 Jul, 2021

The story of Joseph, a young South Sudanese who escaped Kakuma as a kid, became a street child, was buried by his family… but keeps a beautiful smile in front of life.

21 Jul, 2021

Letter from Dr Sule Islaim to Fr Fido, former Country Director at JRS Uganda, to explain how important JRS education program was important for his life.

21 Jul, 2021

In times of difficulties, JRS is there for any need ! Meet the families of three of our child day center beneficiaries, and how we distributed food & non-food items.

21 Jul, 2021

How Art Therapy in Addis Ababa helps children to believe in their tomorrow. The story of Lora.

23 Apr, 2018

Safe Haven is a JRS protection centre in Kakuma for women and girls who have experienced gender-based violence.

Woman at the JRS protection centre, Safe Haven