News and Stories

30 Nov, 2021

Learn about the story of Mary Nyaluak, a young South Sudanese refugee in Kenya. She was the first graduate with SNHU in our pathfinder program in Nairobi and was able to be back in her home country.

Pathfinder: Building futures together
22 Nov, 2021

The story of Joseph and Jerica, JRS Maban (South Sudan), two students supported by JRS to get their education! Article by Michael Kinaka, SJ.

A tale of heroes
16 Nov, 2021

Read about the interagency response in Uganda to face the increasing amount of arrivals through the DRC border. Walking together is walking further.

16 Nov, 2021

How JRS Ethiopia has responded to the needs of the forcibly displaced that the increasing tensions and conflict have created: to protect us, to protect them, to protect everyone.

04 Nov, 2021

Meet Ismail and know a bit of his story. A young Sudanese man, to whom war and violence have left some scars, And JRS is supporting for him to feel accompanied, to feel better… to heal.

Mental Health in Maban
01 Nov, 2021

Meet Ana, the first female security guard in JRS South Sudan, and how this job promotion form a cook to a night guard allowed her to pay the studies to become a clinical doctor and broke the stereotype that women can not perform the duty of guarding the gate.

25 Oct, 2021

The context of girls education in East Africa region and the responses of JRS.
And you, can can you do to support girls and women?

Girls Education in SSD
22 Oct, 2021

B.S. is a beneficiary of the Safe Haven, she is 24 years old and has 3 children aged 9, 4 and 2. She has seen her freedom jeopardized by her family and relatives because she wanted to use her freedom to choose her own husband.

21 Oct, 2021

Fr. Frido, a life well lived, A life lived with a purpose for a purpose. Know more about this great man and the impact he had incur life’s.