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25 May, 2022

Meet Aleka and know her story: the struggles of the run are sometimes worst than the terrors refugees run from. Aleka, survivor of sexual violence, is an example of overcoming and resilience. Know more about her story in here.

24 May, 2022

JRS Kampala skilling refugees and host community members in employable skills partnering with Government accredited institution. Know more about this program in this article.

06 Apr, 2022

Interview to Eriga Tobias, Primary Education teacher, on the role of sports for peace and development in Adjumani Camp, northern Uganda. Read the full interview.

06 Apr, 2022

Today, International Day of Sports for Development and Peace, is an opportunity to recognize the positive role of sport in South Sudan. Learn a bit more about the impact of it by reading this article written by a young South Sudanese himself.

01 Apr, 2022

“Actually… why are there refugee camps? Because of exclusion.” Watch the documentary on Inclusive Education, meet some of our students and their stories.

28 Mar, 2022

When education goes far beyond the classroom. Teaching our students on leadership, compassion, conflict resolution and to give back to the community.
Learn more about how this is done in this article.

11 Mar, 2022

Meet Arusha, one of the women at the Safe Haven in Kakuma Refugee Camp. Running away from forced marriage and violence, her gaze still glows with hopes and big dreams… know more about her story by reading this article

11 Mar, 2022

In Adjumani, JRS has supported the schools to promote girls enrollment and reduce the drop outs of girls. Do you want to know how? Read this article and you’ll find out!

21 Feb, 2022

Meet Daud Anita and her West African Food shop in Nairobi (Kenya). She explains us a bit of her story and why that business is it important for her and for her family