A Child Soldier’s Wife Letter to other women

16 April 2024

And how education is a milestone for women empowerment

A Child Soldier’s Wife Letter to other women, and how education is a milestone for women empowerment:

Women in South Sudan

To my brothers, “educate the girl and you’ll have educated the society”.

I know you have a lot of responsibilities but please have in mind that “One hand does not clap itself “, kindly invest in your wives too and I’m sure they will be able to support you in the near future, in case of life certainties, your children will be in good hands and on the safe side.

Women in South Sudan

Pretty sisters, We came from the war devastated country and because of that we all need to put our hands together in all aspects of life and work towards the development of our beloved nation. Your education will have a very big impact on yourself and the nation at large.

Kindly think of what you will bring back home because you will definitely come back home one day and the development of this young nation needs you and me so please develop your brains and be a better person that can face the world in different dimensions of life.

South Sudan camp

… I’m sure after 5–10 years South Sudan will be heaven on earth with all the smart women who are economically, spiritually and mentally stable.