Bringing Refugees and Locals together: building opportunities

25 July 2022|Paula C Aguirregabiria

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I've decided to open this business with refugee colleagues because most of them have energy and have motivation, but Ethiopia does not allow refugees to own a business, to have a license [...] They are the most motivated people I've ever met...
Tsion Girma, Ethiopian national and beneficiary at our Vocational Training program

Tsion (Ethiopian) and Roda (Eritrean refugee) are part of a group of 5 young business partners at Zoma Bonnet, a fashion business in Addis Ababa.

In an attempt of supporting refugees in the Ethiopian capital to have access to an income generating activity, JRS offers vocational trainings in collaboration of different training centers, business planing training, and offers support on business allocation, market placement and start up capital.

But this, is not done with refugees alone. JRS combines groups of refugees with locals in order to: 1. generate reconciliation and coexistence bridges between the refugee and the national population, and 2. to allow refugees (who have no right to own business licenses in the country) to be part of a co-owned business.

You can know more about one of this projects by watching the video in here: