Interview with François Akilimani, young Albino from DRC

19 March 2022|Paula Casado Aguirregabiria

Refugee from DRC who fled from the albino-huntings and just received a scholarship to study in Nairobi.

After the killing of my brother in my eyes… and the harsh things I had encountered on my journey, when I arrived to Uganda I had lots of stress. I was traumatized.
François Akilimani

When I left the transit camp I was relocated to Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement Camp, and there I found Tutapona. They do not give material assistance, but psychological. They listen you, they counsel you… Everything! They teach you how to live again with the community, with no traumas.
They helped me a lot! In Uganda I had lots of stress… my heart was hurt. And thanks to Tutapona, I’ve been able to have a peaceful life after that.


Currently, François has been given resettlement and lives in Northern America.