Interview with Wycliff, Mikono artisan

18 October 2022|Paula Casado Aguirregabiria

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A Rwandese refugee in Nairobi and Supplier at Mikono Refugee Craft Shop, the story of his journey.

The Mikono Refugee Craft Shop

Mikono Refugee Craft Shop is a Kenya-based livelihoods project that began in 1993. Since then, refugees from all over the region have been offered space and resources to showcase and sell their hand-crafted products. The shop started at the JRS compound, where walk-ins could buy different items, from peanut butter, to wood-carvings, and patchwork items.

Building for a future

Now, 20 years after their arrival in Kenya, Wycliff has started his own family. Living close to his mother, he has a 4-year-old gorgeous boy.