Madia Joyce, JRS Peace Ambassador in South Sudan

23 June 2023|Paula Casado Aguirregabiria

Madia Joyce, 48, is a South Sudanese from Ysambio (Western Equatoria State). As part of JRS’ Reconciliation program, she is one of our Peace Ambassadors, and she is a Peace Artisan. 

The duty of the Peace Ambassadors is to create awareness, work with local communities and leaders for Peace building trainings and activities. They also organize focus groups among the community to discuss topics such as child protection or GBV.  

Joyce herself uses community spaces but also mass to share her messages and carry out her workshops. 

The role of the Peace Ambassadors is important because the promotion of Peace is important. “We need to be a role model to the community, to remind people about the importance of peace. 


Peace is important because it makes people live together and brings development. In peace, children can go to school. If there is no peace, the is no growth.
Madia Joyce

Yambio was a region specially affected during the civil war in 2015, “the trauma is still there,” tells us Joyce.
The trauma, the culture of violence and the complex economic situation create anxiety and trigger more conflict. Reason why our work in Reconciliation is key in this region. 

Joys says she feels proud for having such a role:  

I am more valuable in the community. I am a role model. Talking about peace gives me energy and motivation.
Madia Joyce

She explains us how being a woman had an effect in her role: in one hand, women are more open to listen to her and are more approachable; in the other hand, men are sometimes reluctant to listen to her and don’t take her messages so much into consideration.   

All women are peacemakers. Starting from home. We want peace more than anyone else.   

When the message of peace comes from within the community, from the Pace Ambassadors, “the message prevails and lasts longer than the organization behind. The message will sink if coming from within the community and not if spread only by NGOs. 


An Artisan of Peace is someone who promotes and lives in Peace. Me, I am an artisan of peace.   

Joyce wishes for her people to heal from trauma, since it is very extended… She wishes for more job opportunities, especially for the youth idling, and for having more child-friendly spaces in Yambio. 

To JRS I want to tell that I am very grateful for their work in Reconciliation and Peacebuilding, and I ask them to continue supporting the community the way they have been doing. This project is having a clear impact among our people, and we are grateful for that.”.