Music Class and Therapy for Children

08 July 2022|Paula C Aguirregabiria

Music can be a healing exercise. And so it is for unaccompanied children in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia).

As part of our Child Protection Center Project we offer art classes (painting and music) as a getaway, as a therapy for them to cope with their traumas and experiences, as well as to create some projections and hopes about the future… to believe in their tomorrows.

As it was the case with Lora and the art therapy, children have been attending JRS Music Classes and have been learning to show their feelings and enjoy while doing so.

"I've seen children silent, depressed [...] but when they play, they start to communicate, to share their feelings"
Tewelde Tesfaye, Music Instructor

There are many children whose parents leave to third countries (Australia, Switzerland Norway…) looking for a better future, while the children stay in their countries of origin or in second countries, as in Ethiopia.

JRS works closely with these children, offering protection spaces, enrolling into informal education and support therapies through arts and sports.

You can learn more about the Child Protection Center in here.