No one Leaves Home Unless it’s the Mouth of the Shark

28 June 2023|Rozine Irabaruta

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This year’s World Refugee Day theme was “Hope away from Home”. This is honestly the first theme that most refugees related to compared to the rest after the JRS Nairobi celebrations. Refugees are a symbol of hope, strength, and perseverance as refugees.  

Most of the refugees usually just want to forget the pain they went through but just mask it up with happiness because again who wants to be reminded of the pain and suffering they went through to be where they are? 

Being a refugee shouldn’t be a burden but it’s just like any other situation. It’s interesting to see that most refugees nowadays are excelling in different platforms despite everything they have been through. In their workplaces, they are doing well, acquiring all the skills needed to excel.  

Being a refugee is a circumstance in which most of them didn’t choose to be in nor is it a destiny. Therefore we can work together to change the circumstances to reach our destiny.  

On the day itself which was on Tuesday, most of them are talented with amazing gifts that mesmerized people as they were performing. You can say that some didn’t even know they would at certain levels in their lives but that was made possible because they didn’t lose hope. This clearly shows that a place can be pleasant and comfortable as one’s own home.  

Helping refugees shouldn’t be a burden because they are also human beings who went through a tragedy and all they are doing is trying to survive. We must continue supporting them as they integrate into new communities across the world.  

World Refugee Day honors the strength, hope, and courage of refugees hence encouraging public awareness and support of the refugees, people who have had a flee their homelands because of conflicts or natural disasters. So the only task is giving them ample time to experience love, peace, and also hope in areas far from their original homes.  

Refugees often lost everything but hope for a better future. They aren’t just numbers but they are people with bright a future and families and they can achieve some of their dreams through our small efforts hence assisting them in acquiring some of the needs that they have as human beings.  

Refugees are from different countries but with the same challenges and they need the same attention and care. No one chooses to be a refugee, no one leaves home unless it’s the mouth of a shark. More connects us than separates us and lets us all be inclusive and supportive of refugees and the host community as we give them a chance to have hope away from their homes, refugees have dreams, ambitions, and skills and they can be assets to the community rather than a burden.  

It’s up to us to end these conflicts and create a more peaceful world where everyone including refugees can live in safety and be secure.