Providing school transport to aid the mobility of students to schools

14 September 2023|Vincent Okello, Education Coordinator Adjumani Project

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JRS Adjumani Education Department provides school transport to aid the mobility of students to schools in settlements.

In the Adjumani refugee settlements, students display remarkable determination by traveling long distances to attend schools. These resilient young learners often embark on challenging journeys, reflecting their unwavering commitment to education despite the hardships they face as refugees. These journeys not only highlight the value they place on learning but also shed light on the need for improved access to education within the settlements. Enhancing educational infrastructure and reducing travel burdens can significantly contribute to these students’ well-being and prospects.

JRS Adjumani Education department supported students with durable heavy-duty Buffalo bicycles for school transport targeting 312 students from three kilometres and beyond to access school.

JRS rolled out 156 bicycles for transport to selected students in 4 settlement-based secondary schools: Ayilo, Mungula, Pagirinya & Nyumanzi Secondary schools.  

This project is implemented to ensure that students reach school on time to attend lessons and also reach home on time safe from harm. This will in turn increase access, and attendance rates, improve retention and completion, promote gender equality, foster sustainable practices, and enhance the overall well-being of the students.

JRS believes that these bicycles will catalyse positive change. With each pedal stroke, the buffalo bikes pave the way for a brighter and more inclusive future for these young learners, instilling in them the belief that education can transcend boundaries and adversity.
Agnes Asiimwe, Project Director-JRS Adjumani

To ensure local ownership JRS trained the Bicycle Supervisory Committee comprised of key school stakeholders and school Mechanics in each of these schools, to support in management and monitoring of the usage of the bicycles by the students.

“As the government, we shall ensure the safety and security of these bicycles. JRS has done well to brand them, making it easy to identify them. We shall ensure these bicycles do not cross the border to South Sudan. Still, above all, that they are used for the intended purpose only”,
Abdul Ramadhan, OPM-Acting Settlement Commandant Adjumani Settlement, remarked during flagging event in Ayilo I.

“As a District, we are very pleased for your enormous support towards the Education Sector; especially reducing distance to students who residevery far from those schools and cover that distance on foot every day.

Your contribution to the students of Ayilo, Mungula, Pagirinya, and Nyumanzi Secondary Schools to reduce their distances is very much appreciated. Indeed, it will cause positive change to our students and increase love towards their education so that they continue to stay at school. 

We pledge to follow these students through our Education Department and the set Bicycle Management Committees to ensure they use the bicycles for the expected purposes.”

Wambi Richard-For Chief Administrative Officer Adjumani District Local Government, wrote in his letter to JRS.