Advocating for Quality Education in Kamvuru Camp

02 February 2023|Irene Galera

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Meet Nabindu, one of the strongest advocators for Education in Kamvuru Camp (Burundi). A leader of thought, a former teacher, a mother and caregiver… in a nutshell: a strong and admirable woman.

Nabindu is a 28 years old refugee from South Kivu, DRC. She is a single mother of 6, and a host mother of 4 orphans.

She arrived in Kavumu Refugee Camp in June 2014, running away from the massacre that ended the life of her husband.

I was a primary teacher in DRC. We fled the village during the massacre of the 6th of June. We crossed to Burundi and soon we were transferred to the camp (Kamuvu).”

“It was hard… we didn’t know what was going to happen. We were traumatized. My husband died that day. It was a massacre…”

She is not only a former docent and mother, but a member of the Students’ Parents Group [APE], where they received a training on child protection and awareness raising.

School is the future
Nabindu Lydia

JRS carried out and awareness campaign on school enrolment and nowadays there aren’t many children out-of-school.”

Since Education is offered for free and the UNHCR distributes food rations amongn the community, this has significantly reduced the ratio of child labour in the camp.

The implementation of a project funded by the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development (AECID) has significantly improved student protection in the field. Through the construction of essential infrastructure and the implementation of targeted training programs, the initiative has successfully fortified the safety and well-being of students, creating a more conducive learning environment.

“Currently, among the main causes of children to be out-of-school there are the reinstallation, the lack of monitoring from the parents, and sometimes the same children decide not to go to school. We [APE] raised awareness among the parents in the neighbourhood.

There are many challenges in primary and secondary schools. In secondary, many students drop off school. Girls face early marriages and pregnancies. There are many teachers who seduce the girls. It is still necessary to evaluate the level of the children, and that the teacher is properly qualified. As well as incrementing the awareness raising campaigns, the school enrolment for girls and counter early marriages and pregnancies.

We aim that our children study in good conditions, with good school desks, school stationary and proper classrooms.

Children return from school earlier because the classrooms are in very poor condition: it is cold, the rain enters, the children become sick… And the hospital hasn’t got medicines.

I received a JRS training on child protection for parents and children. And my mentality changed. For example, regarding the use of violence (hitting) against children at school and at home.”


Nabindu is a big advocator for education within the community in the camp, well known around Kamvuru and very much appreciated among the parents and the education community.