Physiotherapy for displaced communities in Sudan

09 January 2024|Paula Casado Aguirregabiria

Since April 2023, thousands of people have been forcibly displaced due to the war in Sudan, with many seeking refuge in Renk, South Sudan, where JRS has been operational since the crisis began.

One of JRS’s top priorities has been providing physiotherapy and rehabilitation services to vulnerable communities in Renk, South Sudan. However, the demand exceeds the capacity of JRS and its partner organizations.

JRS is the sole provider of physiotherapy services to a population of over 30,000 people in Renk, serving both Sudanese and South Sudanese. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to meet the needs of those requiring these essential services.

Akeer, a 41-year-old Sudanese refugee, began bringing her two-year-old daughter, Achuer, to JRS premises in August 2023. Living in a temporary shelter in the South Sudanese bordering town with her seven children, they have received rehabilitation services and essential items such as milk, sugar, beans, soap, and eating utensils. They became aware of JRS through an awareness-raising campaign.

Thanks to the treatment Achuer has been receiving these last three months, she has significantly improved her mobility. In only a few weeks, she can roll alone and move her legs a bit better.

Despite the hardships, they have no plans to return to Sudan due to the ongoing instability and increasing violence.

JRS continues to offer relief services not only to those who fled Sudan but also to vulnerable individuals in Renk, such as Aziza Nyok (31) and her child Agola Ramadan (4). Agola has been undergoing physiotherapy treatment since September, and they have also received food assistance.

Aziza learned about JRS when she saw a child with a similar condition to her son and sought guidance from the child’s mother. They have witnessed significant improvements in Agola’s mobility in the past two months.

While cases like Achuer and Agola are not unique, many families in Renk share similar needs. JRS is doing its best to address the immense needs of these vulnerable communities, but the demands far exceed our means. We urgently call for action to continue supporting those escaping the horrors of the war in Sudan.